Ecig Reviews

Not only can you get all the enjoyment of smoking (and nicotine) but you get it at a fraction of the cost. While a pack of cigarettes can cost as much as $10.00 in some states, a good quality ecig will generally run about $2.00 – $3.00 a pack; which means you can save a ton of money and still smoke (vape) as much as you like. But please keep in mind that there is as much variation between ecig brands as there is between a fine cigar from a smoke shop and a cheap swisher from the corner store. This is where our ecig reviews can help you out.

Our Mission

We give you all the information you’ll need to decide which vaping product will work best for your particular vaping needs. Whether you are trying to give up cigarettes or cigars we have the right product to give you the best chance of success. While any ecig would be better than a regular cigarette, this does not mean all ecigs are created equal. If you want to actually enjoy vaping the way you enjoyed smoking then you’ll need a high quality high-end e-cigarette with the vapor production and variety of flavors you’ll want to satisfy you for years of future vaping pleasure. We not only tell you what you need to know in our ecig reviews, but we actually give you video demonstrations and video reviews for each brand and product. We never rehash other reviews or create reviews based on what we’ve read, (like many review sites do) we personally try everything ourselves and give you our educated opinions on every ecig.