E-Cig Cartomizers versus Atomizers
Learning what e-cigarettes are and how they work is complicated enough, but now you have to decide what type and model to purchase. It may be that this is your first electronic cigarette, or it may be that you’ve already tried one of the more simplified e-cig models and know that vaping is for you, but you’d like more control over your experience.

Either way, you still have some decisions to make about your technology. First though, you have to understand the basic types of electronic cigarette.

The Atomizer Style of Electronic Cigarette is an Older Technology
This is not to say that there is anything inherently wrong with the three-piece technology, but more recent developments in electronic cigarettes have moved toward convenience. Three-piece electronic cigarettes that utilize atomizers don’t exactly fit with that philosophy.
Essentially, when e-cigs were first invented they were created with three parts: the battery, the atomizer and the flavor cartridge. The atomizer – or heating element – was developed as a stand-alone piece to be cleaned and re-used, while the cartridge was the replaceable portion.

As innovative as this first type of e-cig was, the reusable atomizer created a very maintenance-intensive situation. In response to this, electronic cigarette manufacturers developed a two-piece model, combining the cartridge and atomizer into one disposable piece called the cartomizer.
The advantage of this construction is, of course, the convenience of not having to clean and maintain a separate atomizer, but the added benefit is that each cartridge comes with a fresh atomizer, so you always get the optimal flavor and vapor production.

The Cartomizer Style of E-Cigarette Comes in Two Types
As groups of people with a common interest tend to do, the vaping community has established their subcategories when it comes to electronic cigarette types.

First, you have your most basic, simplified electronic cigarette, sometimes called “gas station e-cigs.” These utilize the two-piece model in its most literal sense. You have pre-filled cartomizers and rechargeable batteries . . . and that’s pretty much it. You can’t refill your cartomizers, and because of the threading, you can’t use other companies’ cartomizers on your battery either. These models are very convenient and easy-to-use, and they require no maintenance to speak of, but they also limit you to only the flavors, strengths and vapor compositions they offer.

The step up in two-piece models, on the other hand, gives vapers the best of both worlds, which is why Modern Vapor has moved to this technology. These types of electronic cigarettes utilize cartomizers so that you get the convenience as well as the improved flavor and vapor quality fresh atomizers offer. The main difference, though, is that you can buy empty, refillable cartomizers. These are disposable just like pre-filled, but you can choose your flavor, nicotine level and even PG and VG content from some juice companies. Because these types of cartomizers can be refilled multiple times, you can get quite a bit more use out of them, as well.

The choice to use refillable cartomizers with our batteries was one we made at Modern Vapor to ensure that our customers have plenty of options because we understand that switching to electronic cigarettes is a choice that has made positive changes in a lot of people’s lives. We want to encourage & assist you in making that change in any way we can.

If you still have questions about atomizers, cartomizers or any other element of e-cig technology, call our customer service representatives at 1-877-312-ECIG, and they’ll be happy to help. Then, when you are ready to experience an e-cigarette that gives you the best of both worlds regarding choice and convenience, check out Modern Vapor electronic cigarettes.

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