eGo Lanyards have become a bit of a phenomenon in Skegness, so I have been told. Actually they are probably popular in many places or alternatively, it is equally possible, that they were only abundant in public for the seven days that my friend was in Skegness to make the observation. Anecdote is not data.

ego lanyard and ecigeGo Lanyard

The eGo lanyard that was delivered in a small box of other e-cigarette goodies (collectively known as VapeMail) is better made than I had expected. My experience of lanyards is of the type that is used to hang an ID card too, these are often handed out at trade-shows and are normally only worn once and then discarded by the attendee – the quality of the lanyard reflects its intended short life. In common with the lanyards of my past experience this one has a flat nylon ribbon designed to be hung around one’s neck, it was also printed with a company name which again accorded with my expectations.

The ribbon was joined at the end by a chromed metal piece which had a finish that looked smooth and glossy – so much nicer than the cheaply produced freebies that had informed my assumptions.

Emerging from this metallic end piece was a loop of thin cord that I expect (and hope) is stronger than it looks. This fine cord is looped through a ‘Lobster claw’ clasp of questionable quality. This clasp is intended to retain the collar that is designed to be attached to an eGo e-cigarette – because the thread is looped onto the clasp it can easily be removed so that the thread can be looped directly to the collar instead, should you wish to do so.

Buy an ecig lanyard

The eGo lanyards collar is placed on your eGo style e-cigarette battery on the same plane as the firing button, just below the eGo thread. An arch in the collar sits around the firing button, centring the collar’s loop ring directly opposite. Lanyards are fairly common-place but this collar which is designed specifically to hold the eGo type battery is not, the collar is the most important bit of the eGo lanyard and I’m pleased to report that it appears to be well made. I am unsure if it is constructed from Stainless Steel or a Chrome plated alloy but either way the finish is smooth and shiny and has the appearance of something that will be long lasting.ego lanyard tagged up

Although the collar is supplied with a lanyard it could equally well be used to attach an eGo battery to a neck chain, key ring, belt clip or carabiner via a slim split ring. The collar is one of life’s little things for which no adequate substitute exists.
Holiday Hedonism

I have not personally been aware of anybody sporting an e-cigarette eGo lanyard in my large post-industrial hometown. Personally I would feel self-conscious about employing an eGo lanyard on the streets around my home. This type of irrational reticence in order to avoid non-conformity causes many, otherwise practical men, to wear a jacket even on the hottest days, in order to have pockets in which to carry things.ego lanyard plus ecig

At the seaside these social rules are somewhat relaxed, men walk along the streets dressed in patterned shorts and sandals and even relax enough to smile occasionally. This laissez-faire behaviour, initiated by a few individuals, gives general permission for others to follow suit – leading to the phenomena observed in Skegness at the beginning of this article. I am sure that many man would welcome a relaxation of the social norms even away from a seaside setting however they lack the willingness to set the trend.
Cracking the Mould

Acceptable social behaviour does change over time, albeit slowly. As a child I was always greatly amused by the glossy magazines that accompanied Sunday newspapers confidentially asserting that uni-sex clothing would become fashionable – these articles showed male/female couples in matching outfits which looked ridiculous even in the swinging 60′s. However although such extremes have (thankfully) been avoided, seeing a couple both dressed in jeans and tee shirts would not be unusual today.ego lanyard and other lanyards

Wrist watches were considered to be exclusively feminine attire at the beginning of the 20th Century however the onset of the ‘Great War’ made pocket watches impractical for men in the stinking trenches – thus wrist watches became synonymous with masculine ‘hero’ soldier types and were henceforth acceptable to be worn by men. It took something as societally shifting as a Word War to make a device, as practical as a Gents wrist watch, sufficiently masculine for it to have common place usage.

I would posit that the current popularity of e-cigarettes might never have become established were if not for the ‘cig-alike’ ecigs that had a sufficient resemblance to tobacco cigarettes for the average user to feel able to use them without the fear of facing ridicule. If my supposition is correct then it is sobering to reflect that the pioneers of e-cigarette use may have preferred to be considered as part of a recently socially outcast group (smokers) rather than be identified as trailblazers of a new technology. If you doubt my assertion then consider the number of people who have expressed reservations about being seen walking down the street vaping on a Tesla Mod.ego lanyard ecigwizard

It is credible that eGo lanyards will prove themselves of such practical worth that they transcend the historical conservatism of rapid change however it is my guess that their regular use will be reserved for holiday’s and vape meetings. The eGo lanyard’s collar however is sure to find regular use as an attachment to more ‘regular’ items such as key-rings etc. I am pleased to own this eGo lanyard and will happily employ the collar from it regularly myself but will probably only use it rarely in combination with its lanyard.

The word ‘lanyard’ derives from the French word ‘Lanière’ which described a strap or thong. In France the word came to refer to the band used to temporarily attach weaponry to military uniforms. Lanyard’s military connections continue today with members of the British Royal Artillery who wear a lanyard, in the past this lanyard retained a key for adjusting artillery fuses.

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