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Seminole Cig Groupon Promotion

Seminole eCigar Groupon Special!
Quick Facts


Water, Food Flavoring, Vaporizing Fluid & Nicotine.  That’s it!  No additives & Tobacco Free!

How it works:

Simply inhale as you would a regular cigar and instantly your Seminole Unconquered Electronic Cigar will power on and produce vapor.  Inhale, exhale, enjoy!  No Smoke, No Smell, No Ash, No Complaints! Just Vapor!

Something for Everyone:

Want convenience? Our disposable electronic cigars are the best around!  Choose from three excellent authentic flavors: Cuban, Honduran, or Dominican!  Each box contains with one 24mg electronic disposable cigar (equal approx. to about eight regular cigars), 2 mouth pieces, 2 ash tips, and 1 cigar tube.

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