Dispel any preconceptions that you hold about Pipe Sauce E-Liquid. This juice is not a mere mimicry of traditional pipe tobacco flavors, they are produced to be flavored in the way that the blenders wished a pipe tobacco would taste. Neither is this e-liquid ‘sauce’ like, the name implies a heavy viscosity, but this e-juice flows easily, so it happily wicks through to the atomiser coil even in everyday cartomizers and naturally vapes equally as well in rebuildable and dripping atomisers.

Pipe Sauce E-Liquid Hype?

Having established that this e-liquid’s name ‘Pipe Sauce’ is a complete misnomer you may be forgiven for thinking that this is yet another so-so juice with a ‘cool’ name but no substance. Maybe because most e-liquid is purchased online, without any opportunity to try-before-you-buy, there is always a great emphasis on every brand and flavor name – sadly often promising more that can be delivered. Frankly, I am becoming a rather jaded and cynical vaper, however ‘special’ an e-liquid sounds I have learned to contain my excited anticipation of any new e-liquid until I try vaping it.

Why Even Try Pipe Sauce E-liquid?

In addition to my skepticism about some e-liquid’s cool names, the other barrier that Pipe Sauce e-liquid had to surmount with me was my general dislike of tobacco e-liquid flavors overall…. and I have never smoked a pipe either! On first appearances, one might legitimately wonder why ever I would have tried vaping Pipe Sauce e-liquid.
Pipe Sauce e-liquid for Grandpas95% Vegetable

Pipe Sauce e-liquid is made with a 95%+ Vegetable Glycerine (VG) base. Whenever I mix my own e-liquid I tend to use at least 65% VG which is a higher percentage than is commonly used. Most of the e-liquid that you will purchase typically has a greater amount of Propylene Glycol (PG) than VG, this is because PG is particularly good at carrying ‘flavour’ and imparting a light viscosity. Conversely VG is great at producing voluminous vapour but can mute flavour and be a bit thick.

Making a good e-liquid with a high VG base is more difficult – but it is a better e-liquid if you can do it. That was reason number one for me wishing to try Pipe Sauce e-liquid, I wanted to see if the manufacturer could achieve the near impossible – an e-liquid with a high vapor VG base, good flavor and a suitable viscosity.
Distributor Reputation

Pipe Sauce e-liquid is imported from the USA and bottled in the UK for European distribution by ECigWizard at both retail and wholesale. As a manufacture of their excellent e-liquid called WizMix, ECigWizard selects only a very few e-liquids from other producers to distribute. The fact that Pipe Sauce e-liquid was considered to be good enough to be one of this select number was the second reason for me to want to try it for myself.
Converted?Oak Barrel Cider Flavour Pipe Sauce E-Liquid

Pipe Sauce e-liquid is really excellent. Almost unbelievably, the mixers of Pipe Sauce have produced an e-liquid that not only has the fantastic vapour production that one might anticipate from such a high VG base but they have also managed to combine that with a uniquely pleasurable flavour and a free-flowing viscosity.

As a proud DIY mixer of e-liquid, I am ashamed to admit that I have no idea how the makers of Pipe Sauce e-liquid have managed to achieve such a remarkable abundance of vapor and flavor. A couple of Pipe Sauce’s flavor names and descriptions contain Tolkienesque references, so I’m starting to suspect that a little wizardry magic has been employed – I honestly have no better explanation to offer.
Pipe Sauce OutsideFlavour Favourites

I don’t even like tobacco flavor! Maybe I will have to amend that assertion in light of my love for Pipe Sauce e-liquid. Each of their tobacco flavors is round, sweet, balance and multi-layered. If I had only tried one Pipe Sauce e-liquid tobacco flavor I would probably have assumed that I had fortuitously and randomly chosen the best in their range – the truth is that any one of their tobacco flavors is excellent.

Having spent a while enjoying Pipe Sauce e-liquid I have developed a personal preference for Shire Malt with Long Bottom Leaf and Kentucky Blue Grass flavors coming to a very close joint-second.
Inexpensive too?Pipe Sauce E-Liquid with some wood

Pipe Sauce is available from several e-cigarette online vendors that are distributed to by ECigWizard, additionally several brick and mortar ecig shops stock it too. Ask if you can try test vaping some Pipe Sauce e-liquid the next time that you call into an e-cig shop – if they don’t stock it, then it is my advice to shop somewhere that does – Pipe Sauce e-liquid is that good! Unfortunately wherever you buy Pipe Sauce from it is not likely to be the cheapest e-liquid on the shelf, its quality is reflected in the price. Pipe Sauce e-liquid is not designed to appeal to the vaper who wants the lowest price e-liquid available; it is made for vaping connoisseurs who are happy to pay a bit more to get excellence.

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