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Tired and weary with the number of e-cigs hitting the market that is not close to what you are looking for? Annoyed with having to put up with fragile and non-durable devices that seem to go kaput without a moment’s notice laying waste your investment? Well, this ecig review might just give you an answer! If you are looking for a monster of a vaporizer that will stand the test of time, serve its purpose efficiently and not burn a deep gaping hole in your pocket, then you just found it. This Tesla Mod review aims to tell you why it will be a great idea to invest in this device.

The Tesla Mod has been designed to bring to the table every possible characteristic that one wishes for in an e-cigarette in a much economical and sleek package. Beginning with its unique and stylish look and extreme durability, Tesla comes with an array of interesting features that make it a unique product amongst the crowd.

The bests

The body is built from a high-tech alloy of aluminum which makes the device extremely light and easy to carry around.

Despite its significant lightweight, the Tesla mod comes with a strong and sturdy design that makes it extremely durable and gives it the ability to withstand wear, tear and shocks with ease.
The entire body of the device is vented, and the end cap comes with total side venting too. The eGO threading well ensures its compatibility with more number of cartomizers. With a 3 to 3.1amp (variable wattage or voltage mode options) circuit and a 6V output range on an

IMR18650 battery together with pulse width modulation, it does deliver a knock-out punch to its contemporaries. The reverse battery, voltage check, and atomizer check features guarantee protection from over-discharge and short-circuit. The English menu-based OLED display is another interesting feature of the design. Looks and Function – Tesla Mod scores exceptionally well on both fronts. Well worth the investment!


PWM chip tuned to RMS settings.
Adjustable voltage or power
Atomizer check function
Battery Voltage check function
Reverse battery installation protection
Fully Vented body and bottom cap
Thick Aluminum alloy light weight build
OLED screen
Ego Well connection
Slotted 510 connection with floating center pin
Available in Black and Stainless Steel.


Tesla Invader 3 Review

It develops packed in a black & red cardboard box & inside you will find only the device, a quality control certification & a user’s manual. It’s a very sturdy box mod made from top quality Zinc alloy & it’s powered by two 18650 high drain batteries connected in series. You have three color options to choose from – blue, black, & stainless steel – & it’s incredibly cheap if we consider the below $50 price tag.


What’s in the Kit?

1x Tesla Invader 3 Box Mod
1x User Manual
1x Certificate Of Inspection

Tesla Invader III packaging

Features & Specifications

  • Width: 50.5mm
    Depth: 23mm
    Height: 90.5mm
    Net Weight: 198g
    Material: zinc alloy
    Output Wattage: 240W max.
    Output Voltage: 3.7 – 6.6V
    Resistance Range: min. resistance 0.1ohm
    Connection: spring-loaded – silver plated brass
    Batteries: 2x 18650 high-drain (not included in the kit)
    Additonal features: blue LED sign; magnetic battery cover & adjustable voltage knob
    Safety: over puffing protection; reverse battery polarity protection; low voltage alert; atomizer short-circuit protection & over current protection


I was shocked with the quality of the Tesla Invader III, especially given the low price tag. To be fair, I expected something average, but this product is premium. The materials used are top quality & the finish is exceptional. It feels sturdy, almost indestructible & the paint job is UV craft to give it a scratch resistant, glossy coating. It measures roughly 90x50x23mm & despite its weight (200g) it’s a pleasure to hold & use. The Tesla Invader 3 is rated in our best box mods listing & is selected as one of the best compact box mods.

On the top side of the Tesla Invader III, we have a perfectly machined 510 connector with a floating center pin (made from silver-plated brass) & an LED notification light positioned at an angle. It doesn’t have any LCD or OLED display nor prepares it come with up & down adjustment buttons. It’s a straightforward design that’s a bit similar to the one on the Hex Ohm. We have the round firing button located on the primary side & a potentiometer for adjusting the voltage as well as venting holes for the batteries on the base.Tesla Invader III side view

What I Enjoyed On the Tesla Invader 3 Box Mod
Great design & build quality

For a second 18650 mod, the Tesla Invader 3 is a small, h&y & sleek device. In fact, even some of the single 18650 mods are not as compact as this beauty. However, when it comes to vape mods, compact design most of the time also means that the device feels heavy in your h&. But that wasn’t an issue for us – as with many other box mods, the weight (around 300g with batteries) plus the tiny form factor makes it feel even more solid & durable, & that’s a great thing.









Tesla Invader 3 bottom view
Power, power & once again power

The Invader 3 is a pocket-sized vaping nuclear reactor. Capable of firing up to 240W & supporting atomizer resistances down to 0.1ohm, it is one of the most potent regulated mods on the market, with a br&-new chipset which is packed full of safety features. We tried out the Invader 3 with plenty of RDAs & tanks, including the Powell Rafale, & with every push of the fire button, it brings to life anything you can attach to it in a stable manner. & although the highest wattage we achieved was only about 180 watts – because we just had no atomizer to employ all the power – it always fires up without any delays or weird sounds & delivers a power-infused punch of vapor straight to your lungs.

However, users – exceptionally less experienced vapers – should pay close attention to what batteries they buy for this device. We used the Sony VTC4 batteries with a maximum continuous discharge rate of 30A, which are a solid choice for a tool as powerful as the Invader III. Also, please keep in mind that this is an advanced mod, so keep a close eye on the potentiometer & have an ohm meter h&y – so that you can check the resistance of your atomizers before firing them up.


Tesla Invader III battery compartment
Price to value ratio

The battery door is held in place by two massive magnets & they do such a great job that you won’t have any rattle with this mod. Everything fits in perfectly &, as I mentioned before, it feels very sturdy & premium. It’s powered by two high drains 18650 batteries (connected in series) & get sure you take something with at least 30A. My recommendation would be to buy similar batteries (same br& & company) & to ‘merry’ them to the device (always charge & discharge them simultaneously).


As of April 2016, you can get your Tesla Invader 3 for around US $45-$50. If we take into account the aspects of design, build quality, power & performance, as well as it’s ability to fire almost any atomizer you can think of, the price point is incredible. Head to DirectVapor for one of the best deals on the Invader III.
What We Didn’t Enjoy About the Tesla Invader 3 Box Mod

Using the Invader 3 for about a week, we didn’t face any significant issues, but we found a couple of things which could’ve been done better.

Lack of LED display

We think that a display with at least the multiple common readings – or just a battery level indicator – would’ve been a great fit in this device. Perhaps we are spoiled, but we always enjoy the ability to check what’s going on with a mod on an LCD. Nevertheless, the blue indicator light is still beautiful & it will notify the user about most of the things that are going on with their device. In other words, there are many vapers out there who prefer focusing on how their coils perform instead of worrying about what does the LCD screen tell them, & this mod is one of the best choices for these folks.

Voltage knob

The power output of the Invader 3 is controlled by a potentiometer with increases from “1” to “5” shown on it. Set to “1”, the device outputs 3.7V, while on “5” it gives out 6.6 volts. However, there’s no indication of the current voltage, & the knob is not correctly pretty. Also, the voltage knob is somewhat firm, so if you happen to have wide fingers or short nails, you might need an extra tool, such as a flat head screwdriver or a coin, to adjust it. Other than that, the knob is very straightforward & does its job properly – it always stays firmly on the selected setting.

Tesla Invader III Voltage Adjustment Knob
No USB charging

It looks like when the folks at Tesla were designing this superpowerful no-frills device, they meant no-frills. For many vapers, this might not be an issue, but the only way how to get Tesla Invader 3 running is using a st&-alone 18650 battery charger. So, unless you have two extra 18650s, you can forget about vaping while charging.

The Tesla Invader III comes in two unique packaging designs. The starter kit has two drawer compartments containing the mod, along with all of the extra parts. The body package simply includes the mod, along with a vertical stand to display the device.

Final Thoughts

I have owned this mod for over a year now, and I have had no problems with it at all. I have dropped it, shattering my atomizers and still, this thing keeps going. I highly recommend this mod.The Tesla Invader 3 mod is a great vaping device! It is a simple, straightforward & affordable power station to satisfy ALL of your cloud chasing needs. The Invader 3 sports a stunning design in vibrant colors & top-of-the-line build quality. The mod is relatively small but quite heavy, & it feels great even in a small h&. Of course, if there were an OLED display & a USB charging option, it would be close to perfect, but perhaps the plainness of this device is just what you’re watching for. & let’s not forget its surprisingly low price point, which seems even more tempting when you consider the insane amount of power this device delivers.




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Tesla invader 3 battery life

n the top side of the Tesla Invader III we have a perfectly machined 510 connector with a floating center pin (made from silver plated brass) and an LED notification light positioned at an angle. It doesn’t have any LCD or OLED display nor does it come with up & down adjustment buttons. It’s a very simple design that’s a bit similar to the one on the Hex Ohm. We have the round firing button located on the main side and a potentiometer for adjusting the voltage as well as venting holes for the batteries on the base.


The battery door is held in place by two massive magnets and they do such a great job that you won’t have any rattle with this mod. Everything fits in perfectly and, as I mentioned before, it feels very sturdy and premium. It’s powered by two high drain 18650 batteries (connected in series) and make sure you get something with at least 30A. My recommendation would be to buy similar batteries (same brand and company) and to ‘merry’ them to the device (always charge and discharge them simultaneously).

And while there are clear indicators on the inside of the battery compartment on how to position the cells, the mod also comes with a variety of safety features which include reverse battery protection, overcurrent, low voltage protection, short circuit protection, temperature protection and 10s cut-off interval.


Tesla invader 3 manual

Tesla invader 3 wattage

The Tesla Invader III Box Mod is the perfect balance between high power, aesthetics and ergonomics. Capable of generating 240 watts, pairing with a resistance as low as 0.1 is no problem.

Tesla invader 3 price

This low-profile mod costs about $40, plus you need to add batteries and a tank. Select blue, silver, or black. The Tesla Invader III is packaged in an attractive gift box. A top-notch RDA is probably your best bet here. It’s only made of a zinc alloy, not wood or steel, so this formidable looking mod is lighter than you might expect.

Tesla Invader III 240W Box Mod 32.90USD. VapeSourcing.

Tesla invader 3 specs

  • Material: Zinc Alloy
  • Dimension: 3.5″(L) x 2″(W) x 0.9″(D)
  • Battery: 2 x 18650 high drain batteries wired in series (Sold separately)
  • Input voltage range: 6.6V – 8.4V
  • Output voltage range: 3.6V – 6.6V (Adjustable)
  • Max output power: 240W
  • Max output current: 45A
  • Min atomizer resistance: 0.1ohm
  • Spring-loaded 510
  • Reverse battery protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Over-time vaping warning(the LED flashes when it works continuously more than 10s)
  • Low-voltage warning
  • Voltage Adjust Knob
  • Magnetic Door

WARNING: This is an advanced Item. Please use at your own risk and always use proper precautions and handling. Please be aware that this MOD requires knowledge of battery safety and technical knowledge to work properly.

Tesla invader 3 potentiometer guide

It’s a 240W dual-18650 VV OKR/Raptor-style box mod, so all you have is a fire button and a potentiometer to adjust the voltage.

Make no mistake though, in terms of safety, this mod comes with all the bells and whistles. You’ve got overcurrent protection, overheating protection, a 10 second cutoff, low voltage protection and reverse battery protection. Any problems, as well as the device turning on or off, will be signaled by a flashing blue LED bar at the top corner of the mod. 3 times for on/off and 5-15 times for various error codes, depending on what specific error you’re dealing with.

To turn off and on, it’s the standard 5 clicks of the fire button. To adjust the voltage, you simply insert your fingernail (or anything else that works) into the potentiometer and turn. It goes from 1-5, with 1 being 3.6V and 5 being 6.6V. As long as you keep your builds above .1 Ohms and start at a low setting, working your way up until you’ve found your preferred voltage, this thing is as easy to use as a roll of toilet paper.

For obvious reasons, you’ll want to use married high-drain batteries only. I’m using VTC5s right now.

Use this calculator,just put in the watts and ohms then press the button.

Ohms Law Calculator

tesla invader 3 clone

Authentic Tesla Invader III 240W VV Variable Voltage Box Mod – Black, Zinc Alloy, 2 x 18650, 3.6~6.6V


Free Shipping for Most Countries

Normal. Dispatches in 3 – 7 business days.


Ciri tesla invader 3 clone – Crunch Design


The Tesla Invader 2/3 can support 2 batteries up to 240 watts or you can add in a 3rd battery to take its power up to an insane 360 watts Tesla Invader III (3) …

Tesla invader 3 problem

https://www.reddit.com/r/electronic_cigarette/comments/4gqic3/review_and_teardown_of_the_tesla_invader_iii/ It seems the 510 connection and the positive pin for the battery are shared. I believe you can open the cover for the internal wires and try to tighten the 510 connection. Check the teardown section of the thread for images of the internals.

Basically sometimes when I fire it will only fire a small pulse and stop firing. Sometimes it will happen and then work fine for another 10-15 draws or so and then happen again. Sometimes it pulses for a split second but sometimes it will stop 1-2 seconds into the draw. The batteries and the button are not hot at all.

At first I thought maybe it was my resistance being low as it was 0.3 so I went up to a 0.6 but the issue persists
Obviously no issue with same coils on IPV2

Using new samsung 25r. Any idea what the problem is, because I love this device. Feels great and hits awesome when it works.

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