The Neatcigs Switch or the Vision Ego Kit – which electronic cigarette starter kit? Electronic cigarettes may seem something exotic and strange to the normal smoker but once you have started to use electronic cigarettes as an alternative to smoking you are quite likely to continue using them – Charging up instead of lighting up.


The Simple Basics

Electronic cigarettes have a battery in the place that tobacco resides in a traditional cigarette. This battery heats up an element known as the atomiser. The atomiser is inside a cartridge which is in the equivalent place that a cigarette filter occupies. The cartridge also holds the e-liquid that is vapouised by the atomiser. This cartridge/atomiser that connects to the battery is often referred to as a cartomiser. The e-liquid contains a carrier fluid of pharmaceutical grade Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine and food grade flavourings – Nicotine is also often added, commonly in concentrations of between 0.6% and 2.4%, dependant on your personal preference.

Cig-a-like Electronic Cigarettes

In many ways the Neatcigs Switch electronic cigarette is similar to many other cig-a-like products available. Within a relatively short period of about two years, cig-a-like e-cigs have improved immeasurably in contrast to their earlier iterations however this form factor does have some inherent limitations.

When deciding which electronic cigarette starter kit to choose, initially many smokers will inevitably choose something that appears familiar. This is the roll of cig-a-likes and Neatcigs Switch Starter Kit complies well with this requirement.

The Neatcigs Switch Starter Kit

The outward appearance of the Neatcigs Switch starter kit packaging is very reminiscent of a traditional cigarette packet; it even has the cellophane wrapper and pull tape. This design allows for the product to be displayed along-side of it’s tobacco counterparts.

Inside the pack are three components and an instruction booklet. There is a battery which is rechargeable using the USB charging adapter. The third component is the disposable cartridge. Neatcigs claim that a single cartridge is equivalent to about 40 cigarettes. Replacement cartridges are sold in packs of three or five in a variety of flavours and nicotine strengths.

To use the Switch e-cig one simply screws the cartridge onto the end of the battery and removes the cover from over the cartridge end. The product thus constructed resembles a traditional cigarette in size – available in black or white – however it is a little heavier. To smoke (or more correctly ‘vape’) this e-cig one simply sucks the cartridge as if it were a cigarette filter.

The power from the battery is automatically activated when you draw on the end, this lights a small (blue) light at the other end and the atomiser vaporises some e-liquid. The vaporised e-liquid closely resembles the smoke of traditional cigarettes in appearance and effect. The experience is much like smoking – but without combusting the thousands of chemicals found in traditional cigarettes.

Vision Ego electronic cigarette

Unlike the Switch e-cig the Vision Ego Kit is not designed to look like a traditional cigarette. However in common with the Switch e-cig, the Vision Ego kit has three major components – Battery, Cartridge & USB Charger but it also includes a 10ml bottle of e-liquid from which the cartridge can be refilled.

The supplied battery has an ‘eGo’ screw thread at the end, this fitting has become the de-facto standard in electronic cigarettes (other than cig-a-likes). The cartridge is a refillable CE cartomiser type which is one of the most widely used types available, it is popular for it’s efficiency, reliability and simplicity.

To set-up your Vision Ego the cartomiser must be part filled with some of the supplied e-liquid, this is achieved by unscrewing the mouthpiece and dribbling the juice down the inside edge of its clear casing. Once filled and the mouthpiece is replaced the cartomiser is then screwed onto the battery. The Vision Ego has a small button to switch the power on, this is pressed momentarily before the vapour is drawn and released just before one stops sucking.

Impulse Buy or Considered Choice?

Did you decide which electronic cigarette starter kit to buy as an impulse decision, if so you probably bought a cig-a-like, this is the market that they are designed to fulfil. However the fact that their design has been lead by the need to appeal to the impulse buyer has meant that some compromises in functionality are inherent.

The Switch battery has a 190mAh charge capacity, this is typical of cig-a-likes and is a consequence of its diminutive size, in contrast the eGo battery employed by the Vision Ego is rated at 900mAh – in simple terms, the Vision Ego will last over four times as long between charges compared to a typical cig-a-like.

The Vision Ego ‘CE type’ cartomiser holds a greater volume of e-liquid than a cig-a-like, and it is refillable. Furthermore the greater space afforded by the design allows better vapour production than can be expected from a small cig-a-like cartridge.

Cost Considerations

Typically a cig-a-like’s initial cost outlay is less than that of two packs of traditional cigarettes, the Vision Ego starter kit costs closer to three packs of cigarettes. Contrary to the impression that this price differential might present, the medium and long term costs of use are lower when using the Vision Ego, this is because the cartomiser is refillable with e-liquid. In addition to this if one purchases a Vision Ego it has inherent compatibility with the industry standard designs. The Vision Ego is likely to remain at the core of your future vaping experience whereas the cig-a-like e-cig is likely to be set aside as one continues vaping.

Which electronic cigarette starter kit?

Whether you opt for the Neetcigs Switch Kit or their vision ego kit you can be assured of the quality of the e-liquid that is supplied. Both employ Clear Choice UK made e-liquid.

As an experienced vaper I would recommend the Vision Ego Starter Kit over the cig-a-like variety of e-cig. If you have already purchased a cig-a-like you are not alone, most smokers experiment with a cig-a-like to start with. Maybe you are considering moving up to something better or maybe you tried a cig-a-like and failed to convert to vaping from smoking because it did not meet your expectations,– my advice is to go for the Vision Ego.

If you are yet to purchase your first electronic cigarette the Vision Ego is your opportunity to take the step over the cig-a-like starter kit option and seriously enter the world of vaping, instead of going via the cig-a-like route to get there.


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