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Seminole Brand

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Seminole Aurora™

Our Aurora™ disposable electronic cigarettes come in convenient 3-packs


Our Deluxe Starter Kit is a great introduction for a first time user to Rechargeable Seminole Electronic Cigarettes. The Deluxe Kit allows you to carry three batteries with you for continuous usage throughout the day.


A perfect combination with your Seminole Deluxe Kit, Seminole Original Batteries & Seminole Max Batteries.

Electronic Cigars

Try our three authentic cigar flavors: Cuban, Honduran and Dominican. Available in tubes or box sets.

quick facts


Water, Food Flavoring, Vaporizing Fluid & Nicotine.  That’s it!  No additives!

How it works:

Simply inhale as you would a regular cigarette and instantly your Seminole Unconquered electronic cigarette will power on and produce vapor.  Inhale, exhale, enjoy!

Something for Everyone:

Want convenience? Our disposable Cigarettes and Cigars are the best around!

The Products

Seminole Disposable Slim Packs

Aurora™ Disposables

Our new disposables come in 5 flavors and a variety pack.

Aurora™ Cigars

Our new disposable cigars come in 3 flavors. All of the flavor, none of the guilt.